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Geography and Political government of Ancient Greece
Islands, Mountain pass and River | Advisory council | Diplomacy | Civil Liberties | Kingdoms | Kings | City-States and types of Government in Ancient Greece | Conclusion | Refrences


   Ancient Greece is located North of  the Mediterranien Sea.  In 500 B.C the Greeks world was large, rich and powerful.
It streched from France in the west to Turkey in the East. Whereever they went, the Greek settlers took their own way of Life.
They must have looked odd to the locals. Greece and its homelands were small, and much of its land was too rocky for
farming. By about 750 B.C, there was little room left for new tons and farms and food began to run short in their land. Because
of this many people left Greece to look for new places to live and the Greek world began to grow.  The Greeks had
geographers who studied the location of  Greece and the people depended on their political government.

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